Custom workshops are a great way to infuse some of the most up to date, creative, and innovative teaching and learning practices into classrooms. A list of workshops that Dr. Daniels is currently offering will be forthcoming. Please feel free to contact Insight Resources if you have a special request.

Presentations & Keynotes

Dr. Daniels speaks professionally at numerous international conferences. For more information on our presentations and Susan’s availability, please contact us directly at Insight Resources. To secure copies of her handouts from a recent speaking engagement, please visit our Handouts request page.

Join Dr. Daniels At Upcoming Events

Nova Middle School

Olympia, Washington
Professional Development
Ongoing 2019

Women, Wisdom and Whiskey

Louisville, Kentucky
March 22-24, 2019


Praise for Our Services

“For our Dutch conference about giftedness, we flew in Dr. Susan Daniels as one of our keynotes. She is just incredible: she energizes the audience, has so much knowledge and inspires people to learn and be open to experiences. Besides this, Susan is a delightful person  – fun to work with and always up for a different approach. Our attendees gave her incredible evaluations.”

Femke Hovinga; Novilo Conference

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